Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eian Broke Jessie

!st let me tell you about Jessie. Jessie is a part of our family she is a dog staute. Yes I know you are think this woman is crazy. Jessie was a joke gift from my mom several years before I had Alex. I wanted a dog so bad and this is what she got me.I've had Jessie for a long time. She been in every House I've lived in. So there for she is part of our family.

Well apparantly pushing the laundry baskets of clean clothes off the table and pulling the curtins down wasn't enough for my devilish son. He pushed Jessie over and broke her face.

She can't be fixed. I kinda feel like some just died. Sad is the day. Can you burry a fake dog? or would that be too weird? lol.

1 comment:

datri said...

y'know, for 2 seconds I thought it was a real dog and was wondering "how did that not hurt?"

Go ahead and bury the dog, lol.