Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eian's The Youngest

I love reading other blogs and sometimes it gets me kinda down. Eian is the youngest in our town with DS most of the other kids are in school like 6-8 years old. So he doesn't really have playmates like him. Actually he doesn't have many playmates his own age at all. My nephew Caleb is 29 months old but he's rough and thuff and more along Alex's play style. My neice Kira is only 3 months old so that puts her out. Most of mine and Joel's friends don't have kids. and the one set that does live pretty far away so we don't see them much. So it pretty much leaves us hanging alone. Which does wonders for my depression. Don't get me wrong I connect with the other moms in town that have kids with DS. But when it comes to getting together and hanging out. It don't happen. I'm 25, most of them are a few years older so we have different interest and so on. My friends don't have kids so they have other interest. UH! It never ends. This has turned out more of a POOR DAWN POST, Sorry. Well my little helper is done with his bottle and trying to type so I'll finish up here with some pictures of my big boy I took last night.

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