Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday~Cell Phone Pix

*Alex with his new Spiderman "Scooker"*

*Eian Running Away From Us*

*Crazy Sleeping Eian*

* Cloth Diapered Tush & Leg Warmers*

*Famous Strawberry Banana Pix*
**Drawn by the boys Godfather Chris(25)**
***This weekend he replaced it with a bowling pin and balls***

*This is what Eian thinks about Kira*
**I'll just push her over**
***No Babies Were Harmed***

*Looking Cool In His Skull Shirt*

*Does This Bra Make My Boobs Look To Big*
**Yes Oneday He'll Hate Me for This Pix**

*He looks Sorta Like Me*

*Gosh Mama Thanks For My New Do*

*I like this one much better mama*

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