Thursday, April 23, 2009

Updates All Around

E is doing good. He is walking everywhere. He spends most of his day getting into everything and getting fussed at lol. He's hard headed. Since his last hospital stay he thinks he is suppose to sleep in the bed with me.

A is good. He is so active. It's hard to keep up with him. He wants to be one of the big boys so bad. Wednesday he had a Trike-A-Thon at his school. H raised $60 for St. Judes. He is doing good is school and will be moving to the 4k program this fall.

I'm ok I guess. I've been down a lot here lately. I had strep throat this past weekend and it kicked my butt. I just went to the dr today and she changed my meds and I should be back to myself soon.

He's ok. Works most of the time. He's Doing good though helping around the house. He just finished building a pen for Jada outside.

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RockstarMama said...

Hope you feel better soon!