Friday, April 3, 2009

Please Make Sure To Flush The Potty

OMG! What is is about the toilet that little ones like to play in so much. I swear if the door is open E heads for it. I know TMI. Really Gross. Thank God it's always been flushed. I hope he out grows this. A was never this bad he played in it like once. Man this kid is killing me. He keepes me on my toes.

In other news Charter will be at my house between 3-5 to set up our tv and INTERNET!!!!!. Bad news is A's 1st soccer pratice is at 4:30 today so I gotta see if the MIL wwll sit at the house for me.

We got some of my stuff moved. The house is looking more like a home again. Still lots to move. YUK!!!!

Alex slept in his room alone most of the night, and proli would have stayed the whole night but E decided to have a screaming fit and woke A up so I sent him to the bed with daddy and me and E stayed on the couch.

Joel put insurance back on my car and got my tag so today I'll be back in my car Woo Hoo. and my mom can have her gas drinking suv back.

Well I'm off I'm suppose to be up at the house getting some stuff for Joel's house.

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