Monday, April 27, 2009

Long Busy Week

Monday-Uh. This day so didn't start good. I was suppose to have Joel up at 6am but I slept right through my alarm cuz he woke me up at 8:15am. Double uh. He was late for work and Eian missed his OT. Alex missed School. There was one good side so far. Alex slept til ( 20am and Eian got up at 10am. We have EI coming to our house at 11am. And I have massive cleaning to start on.

Tuesday- Eian has ST at 9am. Alex has school at 9am. Joel has court at 10am. J has to go to court cuz he got behind in child support. Sucky part is He's only behind proli $400 now. MORE CLEANING.

Wednesday- Alex has school at 9am. Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning.

Thursday- Alex has school at 9. Eian has his 18 month check up. And I have tons of things to go over with his dr. she's been out on maternity leave and missed both his times in the hospital. Still Cleaning.

Friday- Alex has school at 9am. J &I have court at 10am to finalize child support. Alex has soccer practice and pictures at 5.

Saturday- J&I are going to the DS Conference. My name was picked to have a my fees paid so J&I get to go for free. Thats saves us $45.

Sunday- I'll proli spend this day helping my mom at my grandparents house trying to get the yard looking nice.

*The above said Child support is indeed for A&E. J has paid child support for A since he was 4 months old, and we went to court back before xmas and had a temporary child support arrangements made now we have to finalize it. and the part were J got behind was were it switch from the $64 a week to $144 a week and his work took their own sweet time getting it setup to come outta his check (I was still getting the $64)*

Now I leave you with Some fabulous Cell Phone Photography.

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