Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April Is Autism Awareness Month Pt4.~GIVEAWAYS

In Honor of April being Autism Autism Awareness Month I am hosting a few Giveaways.

all are listed in separate post below. You can enter as many as you like, even all of them. :)

*All items up for giveaway where bought by me for this purpose, to give away. So please enter and tell everyone you know about my giveaways*

Giveaway winners will be picked April 30th

Ways to enter(has to be done in each give away post you enter)

1. Leave me a comment (with your email)

*Doing these counts in all contest also already doing these counts too*

2. Follow my blog- Leave a comment

3. Link to my Blog-Leave a comment

4. Add my button to your blog,facebook, and/or myspace- Leave a comment

5. Post a blog about my giveaways-Leave a comment

6. Follow me on Twitter- Leave a comment

7. Twitter about my giveaways- Leave a comment

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