Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st- Long Over Due Update

Ok where to start. Well the wireless internet at my moms is DOA. :( So I'm having to use my dad's computer when I can. But I'm about to order internet for joel's house.

Speaking of yes we have moved back in, in order to help both of us with money problems. We are not together right now. I do have hopes that soon we will be but thats a whole different story. But the boys will have their own rooms. Moving sucks.

Our dog is pregnant, she's a brindle pit/bower mix. Jada is a beautiful dog. We have no idea with stay is the father, I hope they look like her.

I am officially a crunchy mom. lol. Ok so E wears cloth diapers at home and I use all natural laundry detergent and Have cloth wipes.

I really love the cloth diapers but I think I may need a different type of inserts in my pocket diapers. as he leaks out the leg elastic. I have a few more diapers ordered. :)

I've been doing good still down in the dumps but thats cause I'm still off my meds. Just don't have the time to get into the dr but I need to.

Eian did end up in the hospital again last week. Monday afternoon to Wednesday night. Same thing as before the respiratory distress from the cold. He was also really dehydrated this time. But he's back to Eian again just on 3 new meds, so thats a total of 5 now.

Alex will be 4 on the 19th. today is actually my original due date with him. It was the right one too, but the dumb Dr changed it. to the 21st. If he had not stopped my labor 3 times when I was already past 37 weeks by the real date I proli would have been able to have him natural and not by c-section. I know when and were Alex was conceived since Joel and I did not live together. I'll save ya from those details lol.

On a more serious note Please Continue Praying For Stellan.

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