Sunday, April 19, 2009

4 Years Ago Today!

I became a mommy for the 1st time. Boy it's been a wild ride so far but I wouldn't have it any other way.
To Alex:
4 years ago today was pretty much like any other day in those last few months being pregnant with you. I woke up praying you'd come soon. I already knew you'd be coming here by c-section. You was just so stuborn in no hurry to come out. You must have like being in mommy's tummy. I had an appt. at the hospital for my weekly non-stress test and this time the dr and ordered an u/s to get a look at your fluid levels. Stress test went fine just like most. Talked to the Dr. and decided the 21st is when we'd get you out. I tried to talk him into the 20th since thats your Amie's birthday but he said he was booked. Oh well. So I headed down to the u/s room. I got to see you all squished up and no place to go lol. After that I headed to the snack machine WOO HOO. Mommy hadn't eating all day. Ok so it was only like 11:30am. I had a pepsi and some reece cups. Yummy! and waited on my mama, (your Amie) to get done up in the OR where she's a nurse. I had a Dr. appt. after that. So we went to the Dr. office and waited forever. What was taking so long I mean I had just seen the Dr. earlier. Well they called us back and had me sign a paper and handed us some papers for my c-section. Walking out Amie decided to read the papers and it said C-section April 19 at 6pm. WHAT!!!! Thats today I said. So Amie called around and turns out your fluid level was very low so the Dr. had decided not to wait. Ok now mommy was freaking out. So we headed back to the hospital for blood work and all that good stuff. They told mommy she couldn't eat or drink anything else and to be back at the hospital at 4pm. So we ran to the Piggly Wiggly were your daddy worked and I told him he was gonna be a daddy at 6pm that day. Think it freaked him out too. So mommy packed everything and called everybody and headed to the hospital. I got all set up and they took mommy back to get you out. Amie went with me since this was the 1st time mommy had ever had surgry and I was scared. They started at 6pm and at 6:05 you came out of mommy's tummy. I got to see you and man was you a big baby thats all they talked about was how big you was. Amie and the nurses took you to the nursey so the dr could finish with mommy. Amie brought pictures of you in for me to see and told me you was 8lbs 3oz and everybody was so happy and that your daddy cried when they brought you out. :) After about an hour they took me to our room and the nurses brought you in and sent everyone out but Daddy. Me and Daddy got to enjoy a few minutes alone with you. Then Daddy let everyone in to see you. Well thats about all. For the last 4 years I've done everything in my power to make sure you have been happy and healthy and you are. I love you Turtle-Head!

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