Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Speech Therapy Tuesday

E had a great day at speech. Ms. A said she was so happy with him. He was talking and signing. Not once did he cry for mama. I'm so proud of my big boy. He did pee out his diaper while at walmart so I had to buy him a new outfit. Too cute. Also I picked up some fabric for some things I'm gonna start working on. I can't wait to start.

A didn't go to school him and daddy over slept, so they spent the day together. Which is just fine by me. :) He's been doing so good with his potty training. he's in his undies all day and night with only a few accidents every couple days. He likes boxer briefs best but it's so hard to find them for his tush, so I think I might try to make him some while I'm working on Eian a diaper or 2.

I talked to Joel today and he's letting me have my car back and keep it in his name (since my credit wont let me get a loan to put it in my name) he's gonna have new brakes put on it and I have to make the car payment and insurance. Fine by me. I'll be glad to give my mom her car back, Her 4 runner uses too much gas lol. Also we've talked about me and the kids moving back in to help both of us with money. it's not a go yet(and may never be) but it's looking better.

Ok so just ordered E 3 new diapers it was buy 2 custom and get one free. SWEET!!! and some sample packs of hand made laundry detergent, also some cloth wipe solution. I also got some PUL fabric ordered to work on my diapers. I'm so excited now I'm lookin for a wetbag. I think I'm addicted to cloth diapers.

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