Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Artificial Colors, Cloth Diapers, Oh My

Where to start. OMGawd. After reading a few blogs then some research, I have decided I'm gonna give limiting artificial colors in Alex's diet to see if it helps with his behavior problems. I've also decided I want to give cloth diapers a try for Eian. I just have no idea where to start with them. so far it looks like i like the all in one and pocket diapers. But not sure what brand to try. I'm thinking I'm gonna buy one of each of the popular brands and see which i like best.

Any ideas?


Melanie said...

I limit artificial colors with Devin and Logan. I have a lot of luck if I buy organic mac and cheese and other snacks...they never have artificial anything.
As far as cloth diapers...haven't tried any, but sometimes I think I should...to be earth friendly and save some money.
(oh...and I totally think you should have another soon! Your boys would love that!)

Little Miss E said...

A lot of companies will send you "kits" in a specific size so you can try out different types and see what you like best! And don't forget Ebay!

A Psych Mommy said...

You might want to check out some trial from companies like Jillian's Drawers. Check out the reviews on diaperpin.com.

I have a variety of diapers for different needs--prefolds because they are cheap and versatile, pockets for overnight and long naps, AIO's for when we go out and for when my parents watch him, etc.

Also, I wrote a couple of posts on cloth diapers on my blog (check out the tags on the left for "cloth diapers"). (p.s.--I'm doing a Fuzzibunz giveaway for three diapers next week, so stay tuned for that!)