Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rainy Saturday Blues

Well once again it's raining here in little old Union. Makes me so sleepy. Well this year is moving along so I'm starting to gear up for Team Eian fundraising. Our goal this year is to raises $1,000 atleast. Last year we feel short by alot. we raised $250, but I gotta say alot was due to personal issuses that came up in my life. And with me pretty much running Team Eian alone, it makes it hard to do things when other stuff come up. But this year we are doing it. I'm already selling the DS Awareness Magnets for $4 and have a few other things lined up.

Eian is doing good his gross motor skills are good infact his PT cut his time from once a week to once a month. His fine motor skills still need help, he works with Mrs.C once a week on that in OT. His speech is good when he wants to talk. He can say anything, he just only does it when he wants to. He has a couple signs that he uses on a daily basis, Mama, Dada, Eat, and he's signed I love you a couple times.

Alex is well Alex. Lol he's good sometime and sometimes he's just Alex. Thats pretty much the only way I can sum it up. He's doing good in school. He has a new girlfriend, her name is Rebecca, she took care of him the other day when he got a booboo. So the teacher told me he asked if he could give her a kiss on the forehead and she let him. Daddies lock up your daughters now. He's back in underwear today as he told me they called him a baby at school cuz he was in diapers. So heres to hoping he's potty trained by age 4 which is coming up really soon. April 19. I can't believe my baby is almost 4.

I'm doing good. Still at home with the boys and still not sure what we are doing about the housing issuse. But other than that all is going ok. I've donated a DS awareness Kit to Renee for her auction to raise money to bring Kellsey home. Also I have a few give aways planed for the up coming weeks.

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