Thursday, February 19, 2009

Poor Me

Ok time for a pity party post. Ok as some may know when me and Joel split up he keep the house after all it was his. I took the boys and we rented a house up the road from my mom. At the time I wasnt working so my mom and dad was gonna help me. I got a job but only 20 hrs a week. My mom and dad still helped me after all I only made $7.89 an hr and my rent was $350 a month plus it heats with one gas heater. So fast forward I got E's disablity started and then lost my job to cut backs. We E's therapy it's hard for me to find a job that lets me work the days i need to so I'm not working right now. Anyways with the winter we have had me and the boys ended up moving the bed and crib into the living room and shutting off the rest of the house so we would stay warm and the bill wouldnt be as bad. I wanna buy a house but we had a hard time finding on in my price range that was right for us. so i finally found one. 3bedrooms 2 baths living room and den and a same computer room laundry room and decent yard nice neighborhood. it's worth $69,000 but he was gonna let me have it for $40,000 cuz he is good friends with my mom. Now my problem I can't get a loan. My credit is very limited and what little bit I do have kinds sucks. I just feel like it's a never ending circle. So I'm 3 months behind in rent cuz my mom hasn't been able to help me and I still have no car I'm using hers. My dad is mad at my mom so he's not helping either of us (so not my problem) now I'm back to looking for a used moble home and dropping my pride and asking my dad to co-sign a loan with me. (I hate to even think about this) But My boys need their own space a room that fits them so tomorrow me and mom are going to look again. :( I have land behind my grandparents and Love the idea of living near them it's in the country nice place for my boys to grow up. I just dont wanna beg my dad for help.

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