Friday, January 16, 2009

Where Have I Been

was I abducted by aliens? Nah just super busy with the boys and limited computer access. I'm so sorry. I should have found a way to get on time to time.

Happy 2009!!!!!

Well lets see
1. boys had a good xmas got all kinds of stuff
2. boys was sick at xmas
3. eian got worst and ended up in the hospital 6 days
4. turns out he has asthma
5. since coming home he has been the funniest happiest lil guy.
6. Alex is potty training again Regression sucks
7. I'm still single
8. I lost my job due to cut backs.
9. Hopefully we'll make it with Eian's disability and the boys child support
10. I'm pretty sure I'm bi-polar just haven't made it to the dr.

I'll be posting pictures soon!!!

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