Thursday, October 2, 2008

31 For 21~ Happy 1st Birthday My Sweet Eian

One year ago today my little guy came into my life and forever changed my world for the best.

Today my sweet Eian is 1 year old. Today he's been a busy little guy. He got his 1st hair cut and he looks like such a little man. He also had his birthday pictures taken, they'll be back monday so be watching for them next week. He's been such a sweet heart. His party is Sunday at the park and it's gonna be a cookie monster party, also be watching for those pictures.

Now a letter to my little one.


I can't believe it's been a year already. You have showed me to stop and enjoy everyday and every milestone no matter how big or small. I'm proud that God choose me to be your mommy. I'm blessed in more ways than you'll ever know. I hope every birthday is full of fun and wonderful things just like this 1st one. Just remember I have to fuss at you for hitting your brother even if it is pay back for all the times he did things to you. It's just part of being fair and a mommy. Keep smiling , growing, and learning everyday. But most important just be you, Baby! Mommy loves you and so does bubba(and everyone you ever meet)
Now for the pictures:
He don't even look like the same kid.


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whatever to us said...

Happy belated birthday little one! I hope you had a terrific day :)