Wednesday, October 1, 2008

31 for 21~ Down Syndrome Living It Everyday

Ok so this is my first 31 for 21 ever for a little more info on it click the button in my side bar nor at the end of the post. I'll try my best to post everyday.

I'm gonna start out with what it's like living our day to day life with Eian having Down syndrome.

On Oct 2 2007 Dominick Eian came into our world screaming 5 weeks early but full of spunk. He was a sleepy baby we had to wake him to feed him, I laid the blame on him being a preemie. All was well until the 2nd day when after noticing lots of stick marks on him, I ask the nurse why they had been sticking him so much, her reply was you haven't talked to the ped yet? Why no I hadn't seen one all day in fact they didnt stop by much. She told me she'd have one come by that night. That night I had family visiting and the drs stopped in and went on to very blankly tell me that they thought Eian might have Down syndrome but they weren't sure as he didn't have alot of the charateristic and basicly left me at that no information no nothing. Scared to death thing I had done something that had caused my baby to have this, I tried to push it outta my mind. We were told it would take a week for the results to come in. That week turned into almost 6 weeks and finally Eian offically has T21 (Down Syndrome) Ok by then no big deal lets get started with all the appts and therapies.

Ok Lets look 1 year later(ok it'll be a year tomorrow) Eian is a very happy, healthy, and very much a normal almost 1 year old. He's into everything. He loves to crawl everywhere and pull himself up. He fights and plays with his brother. To us Eian is no different than Alex.

Right now Eian has OT and PT and we are waiting on ST. He also has EI. His heart checked out fine, he eats good, he's growing and learning new stuff everyday. He amazes me in watching him learn.

Eian has tought me many things in his short year so far. He's made me a better person and a better mom. I wouldn't change one thing about him. I truely believe everyone should have a T21 angel touch their lives and this world would be a better place.

Now I leave you with a few pictures

Get It Down; 31 for 21

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