Tuesday, October 14, 2008

31 For 21~ 21 Things About Eian

I stole borrowed this post idea from Renee. Since it's Down syndrome awareness month I'm gonna post 21 things about Eian.

1. Eian just got his 1st tooth. One on top.
2. Eian loves to fight and play with Alex.
3. Eian can talk when he wants to. He can say mama, dada, nana, granda, alex, baba, nodin(another one), hey there, I did it/this, ball, and much more.
4. Eian also knows 1 sign Eat, which he signs all the time, we are working on more and milk right now.
5. Cookie Monster is Eian's favorite thing right now.
6. Eian crawls like a frog it is so cute.
7. Never in a million years did I think a child with Down syndrome at my age, But having Eian has changed me more than any one has ever done.
8. Eian is a very happy boy. He loves to smile and his smile lights up the room.
9. Eian loves to pull hair, and it hurts so bad cuz he's so strong.
10. Eian has started standing up from the sitting position without pulling up on anything. He falls as soon as he gets up but it wont be long.
11. Eian gets PT, OT, and EI every week. He has great therapist and loves them to death. Mrs. S, Mrs. C and Mrs. C.
12. He loves to eat and will eat anything you feed him.
13. We where finally able to switch Eian off the Hypoallergenic formula. We switched him to second step soy, but it's a big step for Eian.
14. Eian has many nicknames. E, Goob, E-Man, E-Boo, Bubby, IN-OUT(alex gave him that after he was born), and little tub.*there are more but who can keep up with all of them.
15. Eian was 6lbs 5oz when he was born and he was 5 weeks early.
16. At his 1 year check up he was 20lbs 6oz.
17. Eian will be attending his 1st Buddy Walk this Sunday(be watching for pictures).
18. Eian loves music, he moves his head and body when he hears something he likes.
19. Up until recently most people didnt notice his DS, unless they knew someone with it. So far we have only had good comments about it, but I'll proli end up in jail the 1st time somebody says something mean.
20. Eian likes to take Alex to 3k because all the kids wait for him to come in and want to hug and kiss him.
21. Eian is a blessing to us and everyone who has meet him.

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