Friday, August 15, 2008

The World of Down Syndrome and Meeting New People

Over the week I have had two Down syndrome encounters. For people without a child with Down syndrome in their lives, it's almost like you are drawn to each other and I will always embrace these meetings.

So Tuesday I had the boys out shopping and we passed several people who owed and awed over E & A, How could they not my boys are perfect, lol. As we passed the one lady and her friend I heard her tell her friend "LOOK AT HIM" so a stop like always pretty much do, I love sharing my angels with people, and so she comes over and she tells me how precious he is and ask if he has DS and told her yes and she began telling me about her 12 year old daughter Emily who happens to have DS. It was a really nice meeting, she showed me a picture and I gave her one of our DS key chains. We said good bye and parted ways.

Then Yesterday I took the boys to the grocery store. I was pretty crazy to do it but anyways it had to be done. Sadly I picked nap time to do it, what was I thinking. So anyways, i got the usual smiles and how sweet about the boys. and one lady told me how cute he is, but as a crazy mom with 2 kids in a buggy I said thanks and keep walking. I stopped at a display and she came up beside me and said I just had to come look at him, talking about E. She told me she had a sister with DS and E looked just like her sister did. She said they are just so special and we parted ways.

So far knock on wood we have no had any bad encounters, but I'm sure we will at some point, sadly I will try to handle them the best I can. But I thanks God everyday for my sons and for the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

In other news I will be selling our DS keychains soon so be watching out for them.

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