Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Growing and Changing

My boys are growing so fast and changing so much. I don't know where my babies have gone. They both make me such a proud mama.

Mr. Eian is learning so much, so fast. He is always doing something new. He does this cute crawl kinda like a crab. It's too cute. He's got the hang of pulling up in his crib. He's still getting OT every week and we are on the waiting list for PT, and just got to set up our speech eval. So I ordered him a set of Hip Helpers. Hopefully they will help him with his crawling and standings. He doesn't like them so far. Oh well.

Mr. Alex will be starting school on Sept. 2nd. in a 3k program at a local church and he's so excited. I took him yesterday to pick out his 1st pair of school shoes. That only took an hour and a half. :( He finally picked some red, black, and white nikes. And they came from the boys shoes, not the babies anymore. We are having some issues with his potty mouth(I gotta take the blame for soome of it sorry) but he started the other day when he'd get made at his ds game he's say piece of s*** and i keep fussing at him and finally we got him to change it so now it's piece of cake. lol and I asked him where did you hear that His answer was daddy. lol.

Joel and I are good. We are still friends right now and it's going pretty good. We get along good as friends lol. Still havent found a new guy yet. but still looking, just not too hard.

Sorry I dont update as much as I did. I dont got internet at my house so I have to use it here at work. and right now I'm only working 2 days a week. but that changes next week.

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