Monday, June 9, 2008

Busy Day!!

Today Eian had OT from 9-10 am and the he had EI from 11-12. We worked on him feeding himself puffs at OT today, he did pretty good he got mad a few times. I spoke with his OT Mrs. C. about him not doing too good with thin liquids and him watching you talk and moving his mouth like he's trying to learn to do it, and she thinks it's time to start speech therapy. So she said she would call his dr to get the referral for ST. He has his PT evaluation this month too. Then his EI Mrs. S. was really shocked at all the new stuff he's doing she's been on vaca for 2 weeks. Next week we are updating our IFSP plan even though our 6 months aren't up he has met all the goal we set for him so we have to set new ones. WOO HOO!!!!!

Then we finally got home and I have alot of boxes of stuff to take to the garage for the Team Eian Yard Sale. We still have no set date or place yet. hopefully by Wednesday we will.

We have also noticed that Eian doesn't sweat so I need to make an appointment for him to see his dr.

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