Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update On Shelly and Twins

Here is Shelly's post from her appt. Monday

Well i had an appt. today. I received bad news once again. Baby B- Dakota passed away. Baby A- Carter is still doing great. The dr said that if the TTTS was going to reverse-and cause Baby A to be anemic- it would have happened within the first 10-15 min of Baby B dying. And he said from the ultrasound that it looked like it did not happen. But there is a chance that within that 10-15 min he could have been a little anemic and caused brain damage, but there is no way to tell. Then he said the only thing to worry about now is to check his blood flow in his brain again-which they did today also and it looked good, and to worry about pre-term labor. he said if the deceased baby was on the bottom that it would cause pre-term labor to most likely happen at any time. But since he is on top, that there is a good chance that it might not happen at all. He also said that Dakota passing away probably saved Carter's life. So that being said, Dakota died so his brother could live.I want to thank everyone for all the prayers. And any prayers from now on is still very appreciated.

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