Saturday, May 3, 2008

So Totally Forgot

To update about Eian's MRI. I blame the mommy brains. Ok anyways his MRI Monday went good. My mom (a nurse) went with us, and we told them upfront they had 2 chances to stick him and get an IV. Well 2 sticks and nothing, so they did it without the IV. The nurse was able to put the meds in his bottle with a little water and he took it great and he was out. The scan went good he sleep the whole time. He was still pretty much outta it when we left. He sleep a little while at my moms while I went to the dr. When I came back he was up buit a every grumpy boy. Poor little guy had a hangover. He was hungry but too sleepy to eat, he was sleepy but too hungry to sleep. Finally I mixed his formula with a jar of baby food to thicken it and he took down the whole thing and went to sleep. Later that day about 3:30-4pm his eye dr (the one who ordered the MRI) called and said everything looked normal and she'd see us at our check up in July. He sleep good that night I was suprised I expected him not to, but he did. and the next day he was smiley Eian again.

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