Saturday, May 10, 2008

Please Pray for My Friend Shelly

and her twin boys Carter and Dakota. She is 17 weeks pregnant and has a 1 year old son, Chase. I went to school with her this is her post from myspace. Please say a prayer for her and her family.

Baby A- Carter
Baby B- Dakota

bad news. Im so depressed. The twins have developed twin to twin transfusion syndrome. Which is really bad when it starts this early. Baby B was measuring 14 weeks and Baby A was measuring 17 weeks. Baby B is what is called stuck baby. The membrane around the baby is so close to the baby due to very low to almost no fluid in his sac that he is stuck up against the wall, while Baby A has lots of fluid and is swimming around everywhere. They told me the chances of them surviving was very slim. I had some choices to make. They said if i do nothing that there is a good chance that i will miscarry. I could do an ammnio and poke a hole in the smaller babies sac to help let more fluid in and then drain some off of the bigger one. I chose the ammnio. They actually had to poke me twice in two different places. well after they tore the little ones sac they saw a little improvement. The sac had begun to fill up a little bit with more fluid. But the dr also said that if this works that it will only be temporary. They are too little to survive outside the womb. He said they might make it to 24 weeks, they may not. The ammnio can also make me miscarry or go into labor. If Baby B dies then the process would be switched and Baby A would then become like Baby B is now. Since Baby B wouldnt be able to give any back. So he would then just receive all the nutrients and Baby A would be in the same position as Baby B is now. He said there is a good chance that we will lose either one or both of them. I go back in the morning for another ultrasound.

I cried when i saw the look on the ultrasound techs face as she was doing the u/s. i knew something was wrong. I could see that something was wrong on the u/s too. Then i cried when my boyfriend(Joey) and i were in the room waiting on the dr to come in. Then when the dr was explaining the choices i cried again. Then he did the ammnio. Im still so upset. I feel in my heart that i will lose both. Just like this morning when i felt i was going to get bad news b4 i even got to the dr.

any time anyone mentions whats wrong i break down in tears. I dont know what to do. none of the choices are going to give them a good fighting chance. I was told to come home and stay off my feet. Since it was like it had 2 ammnios done.

Heres the news i got today.


We had better news today. Since they popped the sac that the smaller one was in so he could get more fluid, it worked. Yesterday there was less than 1 cm of measurable fluid in his sac. Today there is over 5 cm. Which is very good, average range is from 2cm to 8cm. The dr is very encouraged he said. He thinks that is a great improvement. But still anything can happen. They are just going to watch me very closely from now on. I go back on Monday to check them again. We are just going to take it from here. If they do fine from here then we will try and go as far as we can into the pregnancy as long as the babies are ok. But im not getting my hopes up. The dr said that it is good that i am being optimistic about it, cuz anything can happen. I feel a lot better today but still optimistic.

ALL prayers are helpful. And i appreciate all that you girls do for me. Im just trying to take it one day at a time and hang in there.

Here are some pictures

Twins at almost 12weeks
Baby B Dakota
Baby A Carter
Big brother Chase

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-Bridget said...

Ok, when I first read about the twins I thought they were yours. I'm just coming into your blog. :-) I'll be praying for Shelly and the twins.