Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Don't Pity or Feel Sorry for Them

Ok so my son Eian has Down syndrome, whats the big deal. It isn't a big deal. All it means to us is that we as a whole work a little harder for the things he does. No biggie. He has one more chromosome than you and me.

So we haven't dealt with some of the things other Down syndrome parents post about. But the one thing I have gotten it the "I'm so sorry" when some one finds out about his designer Genes. We aren't sorry why are you. We feel so blessed that God gave him to us to love and care for. I love him just the same as his brother. I understand most people don't know what to say. Say congrats, you are blessed, anything but I'm sorry.

No matter what please don't pity my son or anyone else with Down syndrome. So Eian can't sit up alone yet, so what if he's not said his first word. He'll do it all in his own time. And what he doesnt say in words he says with his eyes. He has a smile that could melt even the most cold hearted person. We support Eian in anything he does or doesn't do. I don't have a life plan for him or his brother for that matter Alex and Eian will do and become whatever they want in life.

Maybe it's me the 24 year old mom who still not sure what she's gonna be when she grows up. But my boys have a whole world in front of them, and I'm sure they'll make the most of whatever they want outta it.

Also another that grips my butt, and I'm sure I'm not the only ds parent that feels this way. But wow I love getting "They are just the happiest people in the world". Fact of the matter yes they can be and they can also be mean, whinny, fussy, mad, sad, and every other emotion we all feel. I mean I have seen my 7 almost 8 month old display all of these. Sometimes even in the same hour. Like right now I can hear him fussing over the baby monitor cause he's alone in his crib.

Another thing all people with ds don't look alike. They look similar because of the ds characteristics but not alike. Eian is a good combo of me and his daddy. at first he looked more like me know he's looking more like his daddy.

Any ways the point of my post is not to be mean and if you thought that then I'm sorry. I just want people to see that people with Down syndrome is no different than you and me. Down syndrome does not make them who they are it's just a part of them like I have brown eyes and Joel has blond hair.

And I will leave you with a few pictures of our Team Eian kids.






Andy and Ellen Stumbo said...

I loved looking at your blog! And how awesome that you have started team Eian. We just went to a parent group last nigght for the first time.
Love all the pictures of the beautiful kids.
And you know, Nichole ande Eian can also be twins in how much they can do (since they already share birthday).
Ellen (from downsyn)

-Bridget said...

Awww, what adorable children! And thank you for your clarification to those of us that might be clueless. I don't think it was mean in any way.