Friday, May 23, 2008

Brotherly Love

Alex and Eian are laying on my bed right now. Alex is playing my ds and Eian is playing with his toes. So I left the room for a min and as I'm coming back I hear Alex telling Eian "here "In Out" here, it's your turn. So I know Alex is trying to get Eian to play the ds with him. Next thing I hear is Eian crying a little. So I go in and ask Alex what happened. And his answer priceless. He told me, "me try get eian to play ds, but he wont so me spank his butt" I sit down with him and tell him Eian's a baby he can't play ds and that he shouldnt spank him cuz he's a baby and dont know what a spanking is yet. so Alex tells Eian,"me sorsee(sorry) eian me wont spank you butt no more. me love you" and then he gives Eian a kiss and tells him he's his best heart.

Gotta love my boys.

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