Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blogging Against Disablism

Blogging Against Disablism Day, May 1st 2008

I worked with disablities and special needs after I had my oldest son. I provided respite care for a teenage boy, Justin. I have known Justin since he was a baby and I'm sure You'll read about him from time to time. He has CP and is in a wheelchair. what always made me the maddest is when I would pick him up from school when he had after school practice. There was always cars parked in th 2 handycap space. It was after school so the students that had some sort of practice would move their cars closer to their practice and that was all gfood and well but don't used the spaces for the 'differently-abled" as I like to say. When I left working for him I was at the point where I was ready to start leaving notes on these kids cars about parking there.

Now that we are living in th world of special needs since my youngest son has Down syndrome. I have ran across people who are very uneducated on the subject of special needs. Like shortly after his dignosis at 6 weeks old, we had to change his formula. We had to meet with the food lady at the health department before they would change his formula with WIC. in the process she asked some quextions and one was is he eating anything other than Formula. I told her yes and that he was doing great with spoon feeding, that , that was one of the things I had worried about with his Down syndrome. and her reply was well maybe he'll be more normal. I was thinking lady my son is normal, and he alwasy will be.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I completely agree >
"...I have ran across people who are very uneducated on the subject of special needs."

I have a 32yr old brother with special needs, so I was always around those that did things different than I did or my brother. It was no big deal. People that are left handed do things different than me now and will always...SO WHAT!!!

I have found myself looking at those irritating situations and/or comments as a moment to EDUCATE them in tact and simply Good Manners ;) By the way your munchkin is ADORABLE!!!! Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting me :)