Friday, May 9, 2008

All About Alex

Ok it seems like I mostly post about Eian. So this is all about Alex.

A little background info:
Robert Alexander was born 4-19-05 via c-section at 6:05pm. He was 8lbs 3oz. Alex was a good baby. It's been amazing watching him grow and learn. He is a very smart little boy. Most people can't believe he's only 3 years old. He looks older because he's a big boy and he's so smart. The terrible 2's were nothing compaired to the terrible 3's. I call him Mr. Descructive because he can tear up a house in no time. And he loves to tear toys up but most of all he likes to break things that don't belong to him. He lives to get into things, like this past week he decided to paint his face with blue nail polish and also that his brother needed some so he painted E's tummy.(I got the world's best mommy award for this one). Then a day or two later we where at my moms house and he decided to help with the laundry he poured a whole thing of fabric softner on the floor. That same day he also poured a whole thing of red nail polish in my moms toilet. and painted the sink, tub, and door. Sadly this was all the same week. But I still love him. But boy does he drive me crazy some days. I have told him several times that if we had waited til now to have E he would be an only child. lol.

So for your enjoyment Alex pictures(sorry some are side ways)

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