Friday, April 11, 2008

Alex Is Driving Me crazy

ok so he’ll be 3 next weekend. man the terrible threes are so much worst than the two’s i really dont think i’ll survive these.
He’s been back talking really bad and then last night i put him in our bed with the tv on he was almost alseep. i checked my email and went back in and he had poured a whole box of pops cearl on my bed. ok so fussed at him cleaned it up laid down he was wide awake now. i told him he had to lay down to watch tv. so he’s being good (lol) and i dosed off(i had a long past two days) and he woke me by sticking something in my face. ok so i wake up i hadnt been out but maybe 5 mins top. i see what he’s handing me half asleep and it’s an empty tube of destin butt cream. that was full before i fell alseep. i looked at him and he’s covered head to toe. his hair, face, legs arms, the bed. in my sleepy fussing joel walks in the bed room and looks at me and says you got it all in your hair too. so not only did he cover himself he thought his poor sleeping mama needed it in her hair too. i cleaned his face and made him go to sleep. this morning he got a bath and we still didnt get all of that outta his hair.
the joys of children.

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